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Words by trail runner, Ale Oostlander reviewing the Hero Short

EVOSSI is a young brand who focus on performance, functionality and style. The first thing noticeable about the shorts is the colour, maroon. I was looking for something different, not the typical all-black shorts, but something that would stand out a bit.

When you first touch them, you can immediately feel the premium exterior material  – soft and kind of silky. It also comes with an internal mesh.

On a first look, seams look OK, no reason to believe that there would be any kind of chafing. Once I tried them, they felt light and gives a free movement feeling.

Ale blazing trails along the North Downs Way

The fit is good, athletic & comfortable. As I mentioned, it gives you free movement but if you are using the front pocket with a card you may be a bit restricted in some wide strides. I will cover this later.

On future models I would consider more refined strings. There are very light solutions on the market, or even an elastic band reducing the folds.

The back side of the legs are longer than the front giving a staggered look which I've grown to like. In fact I like the total length of the short, this is a very personal thing to each runner.

In terms of waterproofness and breathability, they are breathable enough to use all year round in different weather conditions, as expected they are not waterproof (wouldn’t expect so). If I had to raise any objections it would be the drying abilities: because of the maroon colour, some drops of water or sweat appear evident in a darker colour. This is likely not an issue with the black version of the Hero Short.

Freedom to move in the Hero Short, Maroon.

The strength of the product is with the pockets. It comes with two zip pockets and four elastic bands for gels. The quality of the zips is great. YKK zippers are smooth and work very well. There is one in the front and another in the back.

The back pocket is great for phones, gels, or medium/large sized objects but not for a flask. I use it with my phone (Samsung S8) and there were no uncomfortable bounces. The front pocket is perfect for cards. I love this one. I was a bit concerned about its location because I had previously had a poor experience with another pair of shorts with a similar pocket location. In that case, when you placed a card in the pocket and you elevated your leg it clashed with your hips. But not with the EVOSSI Hero Short, although if you are doing wider movements, like squats, lunges, running upstairs, or stretches, it might restrict your movements. For normal running and trail running I didn’t have any issue.

I had previously never used elastic bands for my gels & these have proved a good solution if you are planning a medium distance and you need some energy on the way.

The shorts come with reflective bands in the back, and the logo in the front is also reflective. Good point for safety & increasing visibility.

The durability looks good. So far I have used them for a couple of city runs and a trail run, and there is no sign of wear.

In conclusion I would say they are a great choice for shorts with well thought out details. It works best in the city, since the pockets can give you the capacity for a smartphone and your cards and keys. They also works well in the trails, but you would need a belt or vest if you want to bring some water. They can be used all year round, excellent breathability for the summer and some wind protection for the coldest days. I would just change the string system to make them as effective as possible.

- Zip pockets and gel elastics
- Length
- Reflective elements
- Comfortable fit
- Reduce water marks
- Refined string system


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