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Whether you’re in the final stretch of training for the London Marathon or just getting into gear for a race later this year, we’re here to give your running a boost.

Here are our five favourite ways to hit refresh on the track and feel the groove, both mentally & physically, before the big day.

So ready to light the fire under your feet?

#1 Switch it up, add variety 

The past few weeks you’ve been running solo, hitting the pavement after work in your neighbourhood. Sure, you’ve taken a few turns for a change of scenery, but it’s beginning to become repetitive & uninspiring.

Why not ask a buddy to go on a run with you this weekend? You could even make it a proper outing and explore those running trails you’ve been wanting to check out. Your friend might know of other good places to run, too.

Trail fun during an EVOSSI Run through Hampstead!

Or try joining a local running community like parkrun that hosts free weekly 5k runs around the world.

EVOSSI also puts on fun city & trail runs every four to six weeks. So if you’re in London, see when our next meetup is on Facebook or Instagram.

The bottom line is, if you feel stuck in your training schedule, switch it up! Seek out a new park, get some friends together or go on a solo run if you typically train with a group.

A different route or vibe can do just the trick.

#2 Track your progress

A little reflection can go a long way.

Sometimes it helps to focus on the present & take each run session as it comes.

Strava, for example, is a brilliant app for keeping yourself accountable. It tracks your run, workouts & gathers data like: distance traveled, elevation achieved, average pace & calories burned.

Another way to track your performance is to keep a personal run log. By recording details of your run, it's easier to see how much progress you’ve made.

If you have a training plan already set, then you’re probably keeping close track of your runs – awesome! – but how about your diet or sleep cycle? Making sure you get enough rest and eat right has a big impact on your body & mind.

That’s why holding yourself accountable and writing down your habits can provide a sense of accomplishment & greatly improve your outlook.

#3 Cut down social media

Another way to clear your headspace is to cut down on social media.

Social media feeds are filled with other people’s life updates and running achievements. Naturally, you compare your run journey to theirs & begin to wonder why you aren’t at their level yet.

That’s when it’s important to remember that social media only tells part of the story, and usually the best bits.

Cutting down on Instagram or taking a social media sabbatical lets your mind focus on other things. Research by Dr Tim Bono has shown less social media can boost self-confidence, increase one’s attention span & improve sleeping habits.

We’ll double tap to that.

#4 Playlists to get you hyped

Listening to yourself breathe and hearing your footsteps on the pavement can be very soothing. Your stride creates a natural rhythm that focuses your mind.

Other times, there’s nothing like listening to music. Because when that song comes on, all you want to do is get up & start moving.

While apps like Weav Run match the beat to your steps, here are a few of our favourite playlists to run to:

Hit play & see what makes you “harder, better, faster, stronger".

#5 Inspirational & mindful podcasts

Podcasts are another awesome way to get into the zone.

They’re like audio running clubs you can fit in your pocket: inspiring, motivational & entertaining.

With fresh episodes each week, we think these podcasts are a great place to start:

  • Marathon Talk covers topical issues and shares interviews packed with inspo, motivation & knowledge.

  • Touching the Trail goes beyond running and talks about adventure, health, life & change.

  • BadBoyRunning is Jody & David's down to earth, no BS take on all things running, camaraderie & gear - v funny!

  • Running Commentary is hosted by two comedians running around London, literally.

  • Meditation Minis are short, guided meditations to help eliminate negative thoughts & boost self-esteem.

Now that you’re equipped with five empowering ways to get pumped up and keep the momentum going, consider the next finish line crushed!