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Inspiring @georgebrimble is our Runner of the Week. A true running adventure story!

I wanted to go for a long run… so I quit my job as a Software Developer, gave up the comfort of my own office seat, sold my car and moved away. Very hard to put into words as to “Why” I did. I guess I just liked running.

Breaking Point

I started to look at Monday morning as a reminder and goal setter. Instead of looking at Monday as the enemy, I started to look at what I had in front of me. I would look at my job, lifestyle and most importantly my surroundings. Job… am I happy and passionate about the job I am doing? Lifestyle. Am I happy with the lifestyle I am leading in terms of exercise, health etc? Surroundings. Am I happy with the people I am surrounded by? The answer was no so I focused on what I was most passionate about and that was running.

Here Goes

My office shoes were swapped for a pair of £50 asics and the rest was history. I challenged myself to run around the South West Coast Path (630 miles) solo and unsupported. No fancy kit, no sponsors, no nothing. It was just me, my tent and the sea to my left acting as my map. I had many obstacles in front of me such as finding food, water, sleeping arrangements and most importantly the challenge of running as close to a marathon a day. If that wasn’t difficult enough …

I quote: “The total height climbed has been calculated to be 114,931 ft (35,031 m), almost four times the height of Mount Everest”.

I went from one extreme to the next. One night I could be sleeping on a cliff edge or an old WW2 bunker and the next minute I would be sleeping in some strangers home (now a good friend), eating hot food whilst my clothes were being washed and dried. The generosity of others whilst running around the coast was incredible. With that and the combination of pushing myself both mentally and physically and 630 odd miles later I came stumbling into Minehead where I teared up with joy. I sat for a good 10 minutes taking onboard what I had achieved. What was an office dream soon became a reality. In all honestly I was thinking.. “Whats next?”.

Training and Preparation

Training and preparation for such a big run was totally overwhelming to say the least. There’s many elements to running which we’re all aware of and capable of doing such as body management, nutrition, hydration, running gear (I heard EVOSSI have some great running apparel), rest days etc.

I believe we all have our own ways of training. I was lucky enough to train in the Brecon Beacons so most of my training was trail running. Others may have the option to run track and others may only have access to road running. The great thing about running is there’s many ways and approaches you can take.

The one thing I focused on more than anything was my mental state. I cannot stress enough how important it is to train and prepare yourself mentally. I’m a strong believer in that if you can see yourself at that finish line or whatever challenge you set yourself, you’ll succeed.

Don’t focus on others around you. Focus on yourself and your own goals. We are all on different levels both mentally and physically and in time and by setting yourself small goals you will eventually climb that ladder. Don’t cut corners and dont worry too much about the person next to you.

I’m going to leave you with this Muhammad Ali quote I use when striving to run that extra mile: “I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count”.


Mores stories to come which can be found on my Medium page via my website. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.