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We recently caught up with the inspiring & driven Conor Rawsonwho's been training hard over the winter in preparation for his London Marathon debut. Enjoy the read!

1. What made you decide to enter the London Marathon?

When I was a child back in the early 90s I remember watching the London Marathon on TV and I would say "I'm going to do that one day." I am so excited that now that one day is just a few weeks away. For me the marathon is the pinnacle of running and London is the dream. I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

2. Have you always had a passion for running or fitness in general?

I was on and off with running for a long time where I would dip in and out. If I had a race I would train near to it but not keep it going afterwards. Then in January 2018 I really caught the running bug and haven't looked back since. There is no doubt I have a passion for running now and I cannot imagine life without it. Anyone can do what I have done. If you have the desire and the belief that you can then you will.

Conor sports the EVOSSI Elevate Top mid run

3. With less than 3 weeks to go, how is your training going?

Training is going really well. The majority of the hard work is complete and I am pleased with what I have done and how I have gone about it. It has been tough training in all weathers but it is the best way to improve physically and mentally. I feel ready to take on the 26.2 miles and give it everything i've got.

4. What keeps you motivated on your long runs?

It has to be the thought of crossing the finish line. Long runs are hard work however fast you are but when all the hard work culminates in that feeling of elation that only a runner would know it makes it all worthwhile. After all the hours I have put into my training I know the finish line will be an emotional moment, which only makes me want to get there quicker.

Digging deep during the Great Birmingham Run

5. Do you have a time you're aiming for? What's your goal?

I have a time in my head but my main goal is to enjoy the race and the crowd, take it all in and finish strong.

6. What’s your favourite way to recover after a race?

Nice and simple: a cold drink, big meal, put my feet up and relax.

7. What’s your top piece of advice to someone who is training for their first marathon or perhaps tackling London for the first time?

Train hard, enjoy it (even though it isn't always easy), make every run count and most importantly - trust in your training.

Taking it in his stride during the Swindon Parkrun!

8. What's one piece of motivation you'll carry on race day?

I have a really inspiring paragraph my Mum wrote to me with regards to me running the London Marathon, which I will print, laminate and have in my pocket during the race.

9. What's your favourite EVOSSI product?

For me it is definitely the Victory Race Vest. Victory by name, victory by nature as it has helped me achieve numerous PB's and I'm sure it will continue to do so.

You have our full support, Conor! We wish you the very best for your London Marathon & look forward to following your journey on Sunday 28th April - Team EVOSSI

Conor sports the Victory Race Vest during the Wokingham Half Marathon securing a new PB of 1:26:14