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A true reflection of many of our thoughts. The brilliant @siansfitness_antics is our Runner of the Week!

We wish you the best of luck throughout your journey. Never stop dreaming & believing

Limits, barriers we all build them up in our heads. We set ourselves a goal and don’t think to reach beyond it. These are the locked gates that stop us reaching our true potential. As soon as these limits are broken down we become ‘limitless’ free to hurdle that fence and smash what we thought beyond possible!

A few years ago I would of never thought it possible to be where I am now. I didn’t think myself capable and set a ‘limit’ in my head that I could only ever be THAT good. As soon as I started to be believe in my potential did it then really start to become reality. I started getting Personal Bests, I started winning races and more importantly I started to have the believe in my running capabilities. I’ve gained strength not only as an athlete but as a person both physically and mentally.

Running has helped me grow and develop into the person I am now. It’s even shaped my career as a Personal Trainer. I live and breath running, it’s my passion that has taught me so much about life, dedication, patience, determination and control. It’s allowed me to see the possibilities beyond what the eye can see.

My message is to go after what you want and do what you love and you’ll achieve more than you ever thought you would! Running has done that for me. – Life has limitless possibilities.

Follow Sian’s journey on her Instagram & PocketRocketRunning blog.