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If you’ve started reading this, it is probably because you have ideas for an adventure with some questions on how to execute it or you have executed one and you want to compare notes.

Whatever category you stand under – welcome! – as always, let me know your thoughts at the end.

When shall I do it?

The reason this idea came about was that I had a completely free Bank Holiday Weekend. For us with 9-5’s we don’t have the luxury of unlimited days holiday, so I always try to use the Bank Holidays to sneak an extra day’s’ activity in.

For this weekend I got a guarantee of:

  • Sun – Okay, it’s in England, but I’m an optimist.
  • 3 days uninterrupted activity
  • Short travel time

If I had 1 or 2 weeks of time, then I would think about going a little further afield to Europe.

Can I afford it?

Adventures are the best way to escape stressful working lives. However, you will cause yourself more stress if you spend too much on the trip and have nothing left.

I say this because, there is no doubt that adventures are expensive. Look at Sean Conway and Mark Beaumont – they have to get well over £10,000 worth of sponsorship money to fund them for transport to places, equipment, food and accommodation.

When planning your adventure always think, “What is the most I would like to spend?”, then try and get under that budget.

The Wadi Rum Ultra was a once in a lifetime chance, so I was happy with a high budget. This camping trip is a low budget adventure as I am trying to save money.

I chose camping, cycling and running due to me having all of the gear already and my only cost will be the pitch at the site for £15 per night and then food.

I have been to the New Forest many times before, so to go into the unknown I have decided to get the ferry from Lymington and cycle around Isle of Wight on the Sunday. For £15 I get a greater sense of adventure!

What equipment do I need?

For the adventure this weekend, all I need is food and transport. I have all the other gear.

However, when stepping into a foreign territory, country or even activity, you must do your research into the following:

  • Weather conditions at the time of the year
  • Type of terrain in the area
  • Emergency services and protocol in the areas
  • Your own emergency kit supplies

The above will dictate the type of kit and food you take. For example, me this weekend:

  • Weather – Sunny (15-20 degrees celsius)

Kit – All weather tent, water bottle x2, light summer cycling and EVOSSI running kit, rain jacket and down jacket, spare inner tubes and puncture repair kit.

Food – enough for 60 miles of cycling and 26 miles of running and general consumption, remember utensils for camping.

  • Terrain – Road and trails

Kit – Road bike, trail running shoes, camera!

Food – enough for 60 miles of cycling and 26 miles of running and general consumption,

  • Emergency Services Protocol – 999 or 111

Kit – mobile phone.

  • Emergency Kit Supplies

Kit – First aid kit, spare inner tubes and puncture repair kit.

Solo or with friends?

This all depends on your own character. My personal opinion is that a moment cherished is a moment shared. There is nothing like the camaraderie of you and your mates having a pint midweek talking about your previous adventures together.

You also have the addition of someone helping you cook, clean and generally being an extra body in case you get into trouble.

Also, as I found out in the Wadi Rum Ultra and the EVOSSI Adventure runs, if your adventure is an endurance feat, you will need your mates moral support and to have a beer with after!

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