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After a successful 'EVOSSI Explores' trail running trip to the Lake District, we wanted to level up in creating the UK's first Adventure Run Retreat! 

Our aim was to incorporate not only trail running but other activities like kayaking, mountain biking & workshops to create an immersive experience. After careful planning & consideration, EVOSSI Explores Dorset was set to be our 2nd instalment. The itinerary was mapped, extensive research was carried out & tickets went live!

End result? 3 days of breathtaking scenery, iconic landforms & a chance to escape into nature with 22 friends, new & old. 

Here’s how we took on Dorset, November 2019.


The adventure began on Friday evening with guests arriving between 8 - 9pm via train & car. Our Manor House was prepped & we put the final touches together to make for a welcoming arrival.

By 9pm the house was full & you could sense the excitement for our new home & what the weekend had in store! Guests enjoyed a glass of Prosecco or Corona as they chatted & eased into the weekend. 

After showing guests to their rooms, we met in the lounge for an introductory briefing and housekeeping (no muddy shoes in the house!), along with encouragement for us to work as a family over the weekend & look out for each other. With the warm fire flickering in the background, we introduced EVOSSI Explores Dorset & the range of activities across the weekend, the first being Hatha Yoga led by Olivia Thurlwell on Saturday morning. 

With an active few days ahead of us, coupled with great food & awesome company, everyone settled into their new surroundings with the snooker table hotting up the competition! 


At 7:00am Olivia led a sunrise Hatha Yoga class, which focuses on physical movement and balance (Ha meaning sun and Tha meaning moon). The yoga class was full & the energy in the room was calm, before people found their flow & spirits began to rise. 

Mind & body ready, it was time to fuel ourselves for the days activities. A continental spread; with muesli, eggs, toast, jam and freshly brewed coffee to name a few was laid out. The group sat at the long table & began eating, whilst discussing how their yoga felt & gratitude for escaping to the countryside after a busy week.

Fuelled for adventure, the group split into two coastal run groups; long (13miles) and short (6miles). The taxis were set for the long runners to leave at 9:15am and begin their trail run from the Red Lion, whilst the short runners would meet the group at 10:45 at Lulworth Cove.

Before we set off we grouped for a family shot!


The guided runs offered a mixture of terrains, views & elevations. The long runners set off on their trail to the coast, encountering wild horses and incredible scenery. After taking a group hilltop picture, the team headed down to Lulworth cove ready to regroup with the short distance runners and experience the Jurassic coast together. 

Lulworth Cove was beautiful, with Georgia sharing how she was 'so pleased to be out of London City & be by the coast'. The weather was unpredictable with rain, wind & sunshine peeking through the clouds, though our spirits remained high. The short-run group met with the long runners and after a briefing on the rest of the route, we made our way to explore the pebbled beach of Lulworth Cove. With the sun in the distance, the group soaked up the views with Ollie taking care of the unstable cliff!

Georgia & Ollie led the way in jumping across a large water path before we began our ascent towards Durdle Door. Traversing large steps we crossed paths with Olivia & Will who had opted for a hike & we cheered each other as we passed. As we reached the top, we embraced stunning views with everyone pausing to take photos, enjoying the moment (+catch their breath!).

Autumnal colours brought the hills to life as we began our descent to Durdle Door, weaving through the 140 million-year-old landforms. We took the steps down to the beach & enjoyed the crashing sea, with people taking photos and chatting before setting off for our run back to the Manor House. As we began the final stint we bumped into Méabh & her boyfriend (friends from London) who happened to be down in Dorset for the weekend!

We're thankful to TRIBE for keeping us fuelled throughout the runs, incredibly tasty & 100% Natural Performance Nutrition!


After freshening up, it was time to re-fuel! A mix of pasta salads, nutritious dishes & warm baguettes were shared. Hari took some time out & had a nap by the fire, before she & others got ready for Mountain Biking. The afternoon consisted of free time, where Matt & James had a game of tennis & Ali, Aleks & a few others played pool. The Mountain Bikers prepped their bikes, adjusting seats, applying helmets & had a practice run in the garden!

The Mountain Bikers set off for an explore of the local area of Moreton, heading into the forest with Chris cycling alongside capturing some footage!

Guests who stayed at the Manor House enjoyed an afternoon Vinyasa flow yoga class which was a wonderful time to fully stretch & unwind after the mornings runs. 

Towards the end of the class the room broke into laughter with the boys struggling to get into the more challenging positions! 


We were lucky to have Ollie Knight, a 22 year old EVOSSI Ambassador & Ultra Runner give an inspiring talk on his running journey & goals for the future.

A big thank you to our drinks sponsor Bodega Bay, who provided refreshing Hard Seltzers to the group.

Ollie began his 10 facts, involving his steps to qualify for the UTMB, recent sunstroke mid race, goal setting, patience and self-belief. Informative & well presented, we all took a few learnings away! 

Afterwards, the group got taxis to the Wiseman Inn, renowned for its fresh ingredients offering hearty flavours. With drinks ordered, we made our way to the EVOSSI area and kicked back with great food & awesome company.


The morning commenced with a full house for Yin Yoga, a slow-paced session to awaken the body for the day ahead. Afterwards we enjoyed breakfast & eased into the new day. 

At 08:45 it was time for an Injury Prevention Workshop led by Liam Mistry, an experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach. Liam gave an informative presentation on how to utilise strength training to become a stronger runner & athlete. Mid session we worked in small groups to produce examples of favoured gym exercises. Each group presented the exercises, focusing on legs, core & upper body with Liam offering feedback throughout. 

After the workshop and Q&A session, the group headed outside to begin their warmups led by Liam for the wild forest run. After a route briefing, the group began their trail run down from the Manor House crossing the Ford.


As the group set off, we roared with laughter as we ran through large puddles heading into the forest. Everyone was ready for a wild adventure! We headed towards a crossed gate that took us down a diagonal route, which led onto an empty evergreen field, before climbing over a stile.

The run felt jungle-like as we eagerly embraced the towering trees & soft ground. The energy was incredible. We dove more into nature, with Ed leading the pack down to Oakers Wood, breathing in the fresh morning air. 

We were present and in tune with mother nature.

Jumping over roots, ascending logs and running strong we dove deeper into the forest. At one point we had to change routes due to an overgrown path - safety first! We rejoined the earlier trails, with the group chatting about goals for 2020, shared passions and their interest for adventure.

As we headed back, we were lucky to encounter a couple of adorable dogs who were pleased to see us. The run felt in sync & endorphins were high, with endless puddles & awesome trail scenery. We returned home & lunch was ready for us; burgers (vegan & meat) with delicious salads. Time to tuck in!


By 12:30pm the kayakers set off as they headed for the sea.

Will & Olivia opted for a tandem kayak and the rest chose singles. We had very lucky weather conditions with a calm sea. As we became familiar with the water, we encountered a castle and a prison, which our guide told us was famous for prisoners trying to escape!
The guide entertained us with further history & at the half way point we docked our Kayaks & went for a stroll. Drawn to the crashing waves Hari, Ed, Jamie, Claire, Liam & Sam ran into the sea! It was absolutely revitalising & the wetsuits did a great job at keeping us warm. 


After everyone returned from Kayaking; we bid farewell to Jamie, Claire, Ollie & Anna & they headed home. The rest of the group chilled out and enjoyed a buffet dinner spread. Guests played pool, relaxed and chatted about stories from the weekend.
EVOSSI believes in adventure & helping to preserve our environment, it was time to watch a few films to spark conversation.

First up was a film by Patagonia called Takayna. It showcases the effects of deforestation in Tasmania & told through the eyes of a rural doctor who runs ultramarathon distances deep into the forest to scout logging operations. Secondly was “Land of Maybe” a film by North Face on the remote trails in the Faroe Islands. And Finally, a YouTube documentary about an athletes journey through the infamous Barkley Marathon.

These films raised awareness for the environment, encouraged exploration and inspired people to step out of their comfort zones. A great way to round off our weekend!


The group had their final breakfast and began packing up to leave. Feeling accomplished, everyone shared a moment to take in how fun the weekend had been.

What an epic adventure!


EVOSSI Explores Dorset was a special experience. Everyone looked out for each other & we thank you for bringing positive vibes. Stepping away from the stresses of daily life & sharing adventures with like-minded people does wonders for mind, body & soul. We're excited to share more with you!

A big thank you to Chris for filming the weekend who captured it wonderfully. Click below to relive the trip: 


Don’t worry if you couldn’t join EVOSSI Explores Dorset, we have an exciting international trip to Chamonix, France coming up which you should check out. Throughout 2020 we'll be creating more adventures we'd love to share with you, to stay up to date follow our Instagram & Facebook

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EVOSSI Explores Chamonix: 11th -14th June 2020
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Explore the stunning valleys with guided trail runs, hikes, yoga and unwind in our 4* Hotel & Spa.

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Thank you again to everyone made EVOSSI Explores Dorset a special trip. For now, happy trail running & exploring! 


Want to hear how our Dorset guests enjoyed their trips? Take a look at some of our reviews below:


Survey Monkey Feedback
A really great weekend - everything ran smoothly, everyone was friendly and welcoming, food was great - I can't speak highly enough of it. Loved exploring new places with wonderful people. You know a trip is successful when rain has no impact on enjoyment! Great stuff!

Ali, Feedback
The optional activities was superb and the talks, food & yoga. Chill night before heading back was also good. Maybe on the final day you could offer a sunrise run in the summer. For your second trip away I was impressed, you guys smashed it.

Ollie, Instagram Post
What a weekend!! Safely home after an incredible 48 hours in Dorset for the second edition of EVOSSI Explores! The last couple of days have included: 2 guided trail runs, 3 yoga sessions, 1 injury prevention workshop, mountain biking or kayaking & fantastic food & drink. But above all else, such brilliant company! 20+ of the most wonderful people you could wish to meet - thank you all for making it such a memorable weekend!

Hari, Instagram Post
Action packed weekend of trail running, mountain biking, sea kayaking & yoga. Beautiful time in nature, thank you @evossiexplore

Michaela, Instagram Post

Always happiest when outside, exploring and getting muddy! Top weekend away with @evossiexplore organised by @ed_evossi #evossi #evossiexplore